Health Coaching

Learn how a plant-based diet can help transform you inside and out

When diet changes, EVERYTHING changes! 

Text/Call to set up your personalized Health History Consultation to find out what if might be like if we decide to work together.  Customized coaching programs to support you every step of the way; so you can reach your health and wellness goals and find your happiest, healthiest best self ever! 

Fitness Coaching

On-on-One Fitness Training for Women and Special Populations

A personalized program combining yoga, kickboxing, traditional exercise (use of light weights, resistance bands, stability ball, and body weight) as well as a bit of guided meditation to connect your body and mind in order to stretch, tone and strengthen your entire body.  

I offer a private, safe and very supportive environment.

My tranquil waterfront studio will keep you feeling refreshed and motivated; simply choose the package that works best for you and contact me to ask any questions and/or set up your initial consultation/first session:

Current Pricing:
Sessions are 45 minutes:  $85
$80 each for a package of 5
$80 each for a package of 10 with an additional "bonus" session at no charge